Bonus Savings Account

Key Facts

Bonus Savings Account

Blue Arrow - Bullet High return on your savings
Blue Arrow - Bullet Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
Blue Arrow - Bullet Monthly bonus interest also paid
Blue Arrow - Bullet Safe and secure

High return on your savings

The Bonus Savings Account pays tiered levels of interest on the money in your account. This means the more you deposit, the more you earn. Interest will be calculated on your money every day. So the sooner you bank with us, the sooner your money will work for you.

Your interest can either be added to your savings, thus increasing your fund and making it work harder for you or you can have the interest paid into another account to provide you with a top up to your income.

Bonus interest

You earn a bonus interest which is 100% of your normal monthly interest anytime you decide to forego withdrawal in a month.

How to apply

To open a Bonus Savings Account, simply complete an application form and hand it over to a Personal Banker at your nearest Barclays Branch.

You will need to show evidence of your identity such as a Driving Licence, ID Card or a valid passport.