Alliance Partners

Key Facts

Alliance Partners

The Alliance Program is a partnership agreement with some service providers which allows us to negotiate discounts and other value adds for our Premier Banking customers.

Benefits of the Alliance Program:

  • Trusted source of world class service delivery
  • Exclusive discounts of up to 50%
  • Information on product promotions
  • One-stop shopping experience during special fairs


Audi Centre

Hyundai Motors


Mechanical Lloyd Auto Limited

Porsche  Centre

Silver Star Auto Limited

Universal Motors

Japan Motors

Alliance Motors

Toyota Ghana Company

Leasafric Ghana Ltd



Shop n Save
(West Africa Retail Chain)

Max Mart


Personal Care & Wellness

First Choice

Niobe Salon & Spa

Shasha Unisex Saloon



Sunseekers Tours


Leisure life

The Host (Destination Specialist)


Euro Tour


Leisure and Entertainment

Fiesta Hotel And Residences

La Palm Royal Beach

Mircocell Ltd.

Adinkra Lounge


Holiday Inn

Aviation Social Centre

Intrigued by Service

Sai wine and Champagne Café

Mariam Hotel

Urbano Hotel

Peduase Valley Resort

Rots Hotel Apartments

Real Estate

Buena Vista Homes

Sanbra Duty Free & Priority Lounge KIA


Homes & Gardens

Life Style Gallery