Cash Deposit


Cash Deposit is a new and convenient way of making deposit through any Barclays ATM any time of the day at your own convenience.

Depositing Cash is as simple as:


  • Insert Debit card
  • Enter PIN
  • Select More Services
  • Select Cash Deposit
  • Select:
    1. Own Account- If you are depositing into your account
    2. Other Account- If you are depositing into other accounts and enter the account number
  • Deposit cash through the open slot. Follow the prompt if you intend to make further deposits
  • Confirm/reject transaction
  • Remove Debit card


Note: Please ignore the first digit of the branch code i.e. the ‘’0’’ preceding the Branch Code e.g. enter 48 instead of 048. Maximum deposit limit is GHC 2,000 per transaction.


  • Time saving
  • The service is free of charge
  • There is no daily limit
  • ATM’s are available anytime of the day

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