Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking allows you to make financial transactions on the internet using one of the most secured systems which guarantees the safety of your funds and transaction details. It is a straightforward online tool that gives you access to your Barclays accounts online.


Blue Arrow - Bullet Simple: You can access your accounts using your username and password
Blue Arrow - Bullet Convenient: You can access this service from the comfort of your home or office
Blue Arrow - Bullet Secure: : Our internet banking has a number of security features such as the One Time Password (OTP) and the use of virtual keyboard to prevent key loggers
Blue Arrow - Bullet Timely: Transactions are done in real time


It provides a 360° view of all your registered accounts and instant access to many convenient tools such as:

Blue Arrow - Bullet Bill Payments
Blue Arrow - Bullet SMS Alert Setup
Blue Arrow - Bullet Forex Rate Inquiry
Blue Arrow - Bullet Statement/Cheque book request
Blue Arrow - Bullet Account Activities/ Transactions monitoring for up to 90 days
Blue Arrow - Bullet Credit Card Services

- View Credit Card Details
- Check Credit Card Balance
- Pay Credit card Bills
- Minimum Balance due date
- Check available limit

Blue Arrow - Bullet Payee Management
Blue Arrow - Bullet Airtime Top Up
Blue Arrow - Bullet Managers Cheque/Bank Draft purchase
Blue Arrow - Bullet Own Account Transfers
Blue Arrow - Bullet Other Barclays Account Transfers
Blue Arrow - Bullet Domestic Bank Transfer
Blue Arrow - Bullet International Bank Transfer (Limited to customer Foreign Currency accounts)

How do I sign on to Barclays Internet Banking?

  1. Walk into any Barclays branch and complete an Internet Banking registration form
  2. Once successfully registered, a welcome pack will be sent to your email address containing a set of instructions
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your registration process online

Securely manage your account anytime, anywhere on the internet.

For more information, visit any of our branches nationwide or call our Customer Contact Centre on:

Tel: +233 30 242 9150 or