Scheme loan

Key Facts

Scheme Loan

As an employer, the well being of your staff is paramount to ensuring they are dedicated to delivering the required results for shareholders. Scheme Loan is a loan product which is available to employees of organisations which have signed an agreement with Barclays to offer staff of their company loans. Because deductions toward monthly repayment are done at source, the product is less risky and is priced much cheaper than other loans offered to customers. It is convenient, easy to arrange and completely hassle free as banking is brought to the customers' door step.

Blue Arrow - Bullet Competitive interest rates
Blue Arrow - Bullet Easy budget control with fixed monthly payments deducted at source
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free Credit Protection
Blue Arrow - Bullet Unsecured personal loan
Blue Arrow - Bullet Available for virtually any purpose
Blue Arrow - Bullet Loan tenure between 6 months and 60 months
Blue Arrow - Bullet Free Credit protection with all loans
Blue Arrow - Bullet Simple to arrange
Blue Arrow - Bullet Fixed rate

Fast, flexible finance

Scheme Loan gives you the money you need at a competitive interest rate. The amount you borrow depends on your individual circumstances. The minimum repayment period is 6 months. And all you have to do is meet certain basic requirements for the loan to be granted.

Fixed payments

With Scheme Loan you always know where you stand financially as your monthly payments remain the same throughout the lifespan of the loan.

Free Credit Protection

Barclays bears the cost of paying the Insurance on your Scheme loan which gives you the opportunity to save funds. So should any calamity occur either through injury or sickness, resulting in death or permanent disability, the outstanding loan will be paid off in full.

Who can apply
If you have been with your employer for at least six (6) months and receive your salary through Barclays or another Bank then you qualify.

Requirements for Scheme Loan

The following would be required:

Blue Arrow - Bullet Completed application form
Blue Arrow - Bullet One (1) most recent payslip
Blue Arrow - Bullet Valid National Identification (Voter’s ID, Drivers licence, Passport, NHIS card etc)
Blue Arrow - Bullet Last three (3) months Bank statements (if not Barclays account holder)
Blue Arrow - Bullet Passport sized photograph (for employees whose salary is processed by CAGD)

Simple to arrange

Rates are negotiable per company. Please speak to a Personal Banker at your nearest branch for the rate applicable per your respective company.


Tenure:  Loan Amount DSR Interest Rate Income: (GHs)
6mths –  60mths Max GHs130,000 Max 50% for CAGD
Max 55% for Non-CAGD
28%  –  32% Min of GHs200