Barclays Hospital Cash Plan

Key Facts

The plan will pay the sum assured from day one onwards for each full day (complete 24 hours) of hospitalization, provided that the insured is hospitalized for three or more consecutive days as a resident in-patient. Claims are payable at the end of the period of hospitalization or when 30 days benefit is due (whichever is earlier) provided the claim is valid. Each insured person is covered for a maximum of 180 days.

The Hospital Cash Back Plan is made up of four types:

Blue Arrow - Bullet Member only
Blue Arrow - Bullet Member and Partner
Blue Arrow - Bullet Member and Children
Blue Arrow - Bullet Family

The policy holder will receive a lump sum amount of up to 20% of the premiums received, after every five years. Provided that the policy has been in force for a continuous period of five years at the time payout is due and all 60 premiums have been received. If the policy is restarted the Money Back period will start again. The Money Back applies to premiums excluding policy fees.

Hospitalization due to obesity, cosmetic or plastic surgery (including breast reduction and enlargement) except in the case of bodily reconstruction as a direct result of an injury sustained in an accident.

Hospitalization due to any form of mental illness, mental disability, mental impairment and psychopathic disorders, all forms of depression, major affective disorders, psychotic and neurotic conditions, as well as all stress and anxiety related disorders.

Hospitalization in a hospital outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa unless hospitalization is due to a Medical Emergency.

Hospitalization of the Insured Person’s own choosing which has no connection with any illness;

Hospitalization for routine physical or other examination where there are no objective indications or impairment in normal health.

Hospitalization for the investigation of pain and pain related conditions and treatment in this context includes bed rest, traction, physiotherapy, spinal blocks, medication or intravenous medication.

Hospitalization due to pregnancy or due to complications related to pregnancy where childbirth occurs earlier than 60 days before the expected due date.

Hospitalization for the treatment of infertility or the artificial insemination of a person as defined in the Human Tissues Act, 1983 (Act 65 of 1983) or any amendment thereto or replacement thereof.

Hospitalization not recommended by a qualified physician.