Pingit is a mobile to mobile money transfer that enables remittance of funds from persons in the UK to Barclays account holders in Ghana.

Who can use the service

  1. A Barclays UK account Holder
  2. A non-Barclays account holder in UK who has the Barclays Pingit application.
  3. The recipient of the funds must be registered on Hello Money in Ghana

Receive remittances from your relations and friends in the UK directly within 48 hours in a smart, convenient and hassle free way.

How Pingit Works

The sender:

  • The sender will need to download the Barclays Pingit application on their Smartphone from the Apple App store, Blackberry App World, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store or visit ‘’’’.
  • Once registered, the sender will be able to remit money straight from their phone via the Barclays Pingit application.
  • An alert via text message is sent to the recipient as soon as their account is credited with the funds.
  • The daily transfer limit is £2000. For joint account holders the limit is £4000.

The recipient based in Ghana:

  • Your Barclays account in Ghana is directly credited with the transferred amount.
  • You will receive an instant SMS notification as soon as your account is credited with the funds.
  • You may visit any Barclays ATM or nearest Barclays branch across the country to access the funds.

Benefits of Pingit:

  • Fast and convenient payment solution.
  • Safe and secure- No need to share account and personal details.
  • No need to join queues to receive funds. Cash is paid directly into customers account.t
  • Instant notification of transfer via text message.

Contact Us;

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